Parker makes “500 year old” guitars

The wood comes from sunken timber
The wood comes from sunken timber

Getting good tonewoods without excessive deforestation has long been a concern for the guitar industry, and Parker has come up with a bizarre if small-scale answer. Their new Timeless Timber guitars are made from virgin wood that has been recovered from the Great Lakes region of North America.

Says Parker: "The origin of these guitars has a unique story that dates back 500 years. During the 1800s first-growth maple was harvested and sent on rafts to industrial cities. Along the way, several of the rafts sank and the timber was forgotten. The icy water of Lake Superior preserved the wood."

So now Parker is selling new guitars with "500 year old tone". Obviously, they "undergo a meticulous milling and slow drying process" to preserve the wood's quality and tone.

Only 25 are going to be made due to the scarcity of the timber. MusicRadar is trusting Greg Lake or Phish get one free.