On the radar: Slaves

Hailing from Tunbridge Wells, Slaves are the kind of band that makes you wonder if punk music has been missing the point for the last 20 years.

"We don't aim our songs at the establishment, we aim them more at the people. At unsatisfied people that are miserable. Who mope and don't do anything," says guitarist Laurie Vincent.

"We aim our songs at the people. At unsatisfied people that are miserable" - Laurie

"I hope our songs make them feel something. The way I play guitar is quite abrasive and you can't avoid it. Isaac [Holman's, drums/vocals] lyrics are the same. We're just trying to fire people up."

As such, songs like Cheer Up London and The Hunter prod you questioningly in the chest, recalling the direct songwriting and clever charisma of punk's first wave combined with the art school irony of Parklife-era Blur and Squeeze.

Bottom limits

The duo also count Bottom-influenced silliness and pushing the limits of four amps among their interests. "At the moment I'm running two Selmer Treble and Bass 50s, alongside a Fender Champ and an [Orange] Tiny Terror Bass with an Ashdown 8x10," Laurie tells TG. "Then I've got a black Airline '59 1P and I'm just designing my own custom one that will have humbuckers and gold hardware."

Debut album Are You Satisfied? hits 1 June, but then what? Orchestrate the fall of capitalism? "Yeah, basically," says Laurie. "Then lots of touring, more stupid videos and hopefully get around the world a bit."

For fans of: Eagulls, Blur, Squeeze

Hear: The Hunter

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