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On the radar: Revolution Saints

This is a power trio with a difference: melody.

Built around former Whitesnake guitarist Doug Aldrich, Night Ranger bassist Jack Blades and the brow-raising vocal talents of Journey drummer Deen Castronovo, their self-titled debut oozes with the latter's melodic rock roots.

"Deen's the frontman and the driver - he's like Steven Tyler on drums," enthuses Doug. "Then Jack Blades is like 'The Boss', and he's one of the greatest melodic bass players out there, which was really fun for me."

Remote control

The songs were written and produced by melodic rock maestro Alessandro Del Vecchio, with the three members sending in their parts remotely. Doug used his 1979 Marshall JMP and a prototype custom Les Paul he's been working on with Gibson, and recorded while playing with supergroup Raiding The Rock Vault in Las Vegas.

Revolution Saints (L-R): Doug Aldrich (guitar), Deen Castronovo (lead vocals, drums), Jack Blades (bass, vocals)

"We were performing at the Hilton, where Elvis had finished up his career," explains Doug. "Underneath the stage there was a bar that had been built for Elvis, so during his gig he could go down there and smoke, or have his friends down.

"When I was looking for a place to record the guitars, I found that bar and cleaned it out. Something about that room had a really unique sound. I can only imagine who's been in there - Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby - they were all probably down there!"

  • For fans of: Journey, Night Ranger
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