On the radar: Hellions

Clearly not ones for monastic creative struggle, Australian melodic hardcore trio Hellions made their second record, Indian Summer at Karma Sound Studios in Thailand.

"It's beautiful," says guitarist Matthew Gravolin. "They've got this impressive catalogue of people who have recorded there - including Enter Shikari and Jamiroquai - a really wide array of artists, which was what was so beguiling to us."

That and the swimming pool, private rooms, catering, maid service… "Which is something that we're absolutely not used to in any way," emphasises Matthew. "You're treated so incredibly, it really is a wonderful thing!"

Exuberant head bangers

More due to the writing than the room service, Indian Summer is an exciting album that crafts a grab bag of influences and instrumentation into exuberant head bangers. In a scene that's fallen foul of the formulaic, this is envelope-pushing stuff. And all with a surprisingly simple setup…

"The only effect I have is a Boss Delay" - Matt Gravolin

"I seldom use effects," says Matt. "The only effect I have is a Boss Delay. Then the guitar I'm using is an ESP EC1000 into an Orange 4x12 with a EVH 100-watt head. The power you get out of them is crazy."

We already expect this record to make rock mags' 2015 album of the year lists, so keep an eye out for tour dates…

"Hopefully, we'll get to the UK soon," says Matt. "Nothing's solidified, but I dare say we'll be there by the end of the year!"

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