Now we've seen everything: The Heineken Keg Guitar Amp

Who s round is it
Who's round is it?

What is it about alcohol and amplifiers? First the BalvenAmp, forged from a 12-year-old malt whisky box and now this: the DIY 20W Heineken Draught Keg Guitar Amp.

What is it? Exactly that. A guitar amp built inside an empty keg of Heineken draught beer. It boasts 20 watts of pure beer-power, works with guitar, bass and MP3 players, plugs into any standard power outlet and is all yours (via Etsy) for $119.99. Our favourite feature is the volume control, cleverly placed in the centre of the famous Heineken red star.

Heineken amp

Heineken amp

Adults only

The amp's dedicated inventor had this to say: "My liver suffered to bring you this awesome amp, don't worry... the beer went to a good cause!" For any aspiring under-age DIYers out there, try the Coconut amp… it'll taste better. Promise.