Noel Gallagher on The Shock Of The Lightning: "It's Krautrock"


On the eve of Oasis' first single release from the hugely-anticipated album Dig Out Your Soul, we thought it fitting to revisit our last interview with Noel Gallagher. The talkative guitarist revealed that he thinks The Shock Of The Lightning sounds like "Krautrock" and, if you're expecting a string of hit singles to follow it, don't hold your breath…

We compared The Shock Of The Lightning's beat to that of Rock 'n' Roll Star, and asked if it was intentional: "It's kind of more Krautrock, you know? Bands like Can and Neu!. I guess it's the most energetic thing we've done - for a single - for quite a few years."

"I guess it's the most energetic thing we've done - for a single - for quite a few years." Noel on The Shock Of The Lightning

Asked whether his previous comments regarding the lack of hit singles on Dig Out Your Soul where unfounded, Noel was unapologetic: "I don't see any singles in the traditional sense. There's gonna be four or five singles off [the album] I would have thought - whether they'll be hits or not, who knows? Who cares?"

Just to be clear, Krautrock refers to a music scene formed in Germany in the late 1960s, which, the bands Can and Neu! were a part of. And we can see where Noel's coming from. The drum beat is reminiscent of Neu!'s Hallogallo, for example.

As for the "who cares" about hit singles comment: actually, we do. As we're sure your label does too, Mr Gallagher.

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