Nine Inch Nails get physical with new Slip release

Trent Reznor wants to Slip you something
Trent Reznor wants to Slip you something

A couple of weeks ago we mentioned that you could download a free copy of the new Nine Inch Nails release, The Slip - which you still can, by the way, so don't get your underwear in a knot. But if you're like us and you just love the look, the feel, and the taste of plastic, fear not, for you can have a physical copy of The Slip very soon.

On July 22, in the US and Canada, Nine Inch Nails - that is to say, Trent Reznor - will issue an individually numbered, limited edition version of The Slip on CD. Each of the 200,000 discs arrives with a DVD of the band rehearsing Slip tracks, plus a 24-page booklet. A virtually identical set (minus the limited edition/numbered filigree) is due in the UK and Europe July 21.

And if you're one of those hardcore vinyl enthusiasts like in the movie High Fidelity, you're in for an even bigger treat - a gatefold vinyl set, featuring a 24-page booklet, is due August 4 in the UK and Europe and August 5 in the States.

No word yet on 8-track and reel-to-reel tape releases, but we're hopeful.

Joe Bosso

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