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New Recording King acoustics announced

The rosewood RD-07
The rosewood RD-07

PRESS RELEASE: Sporting solid spruce tops, the RD-06-M, RD-06-W and the RD-07 illustrate the skill of the Recording King luthiers.

With ultra-thin "C" profile mahogany necks, scalloped spruce forward X-bracing and rosewood fretboards, these guitars have the features to impress both advanced and recreational players.

Available with either rosewood (RD-07) or mahogany (RD-06) back and sides, these guitars set a new standard for affordable, professional-quality sound. Upgraded features like a bone nut and saddle, die-cast tuners and classic tortoise shell body binding make these instruments look and sound as if they costs much more than the list price.

The new options available for the RD-06 are a matte finish or a widened soundhole for increased volume and projection. The RD-06 can also be purchased in a cutaway style with an optional 4-band B-Band EQ.

RD-06/07 models start at $319.99 and have a lifetime warranty. Recording King is the manufacturer of professional quality acoustic guitar and banjos.

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Information taken from official press release

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