New amps in Waves GTR3

Plug-in specialists Waves have launched GTR3, the new version of their Guitar Tool Rack bundle. This offers guitar and bass amp models, stomp-style effects and a hardware interface for recording your guitar into your PC or Mac.

GTR3 adds nine new guitar amps and seven new bass amps (including six new high-gain models), which means that a total of 26 are now included. What's more, you get a selection of new sounds modelled on famous amps.

Also new is the option to use the software standalone. Previously, it had to be hosted as a plug-in. This means that you no longer have to open up your DAW in order to use it (good news for live players).

GTR3 offers 22 cabinets, too, and you can mix and match these with the amps and mics (several are supplied) simply by dragging and dropping. 26 stomp effects are included - up to six of these at a time can be plugged into the virtual pedalboard - as is a tuner that supports three variations (standard, chromatic and alternate).

Commenting on the launch of GTR3, Waves CEO Gilad Keren says he believes it to be "the best sounding virtual guitar amp and effects system in the world - period".

GTR3 is available now in TDM and native formats. These cost $1200 and $600 respectively.

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