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Never lose your pedal settings again with Loknob

(Image credit: Joby Sessions/Future)

Say goodbye to taped-up knobs and hastily drawn setting indicators: Loknob is here to keep your pedal and amp settings in place.

This aluminium, reusable knob comes in three sizes and slots onto existing pots to keep them where they are; to change the setting, you simply pull up and turn, then let go to lock it back in again.

The cunning knob comes in a range of sizes, profiles and finishes to suit all kinds of pot shafts, pedals and amps.

With prices starting at $13.99 each from Loknob, the accessory certainly isn't cheap - especially if you're looking to replace a whole pedalboard's worth of knobs - but it looks to be a logical solution to a problem that has long plagued gigging guitarists.