NAMM 2017: DigiTech's FreqOut generates feedback without an amp

NAMM 2017: Effects firm DigiTech has lifted the lid on two brand new pedals, the CabDryVR dual cabinet simulator and FreqOut natural feedback creator.

First up, the FreqOut, which already looks like a 'best in show' award contender, offers guitarists the opportunity to generate "natural" sounding feedback without an amp, distortion or sizeable volume.

What's the point of feedback without trouser-flapping volume, you ask? Well, besides the obvious rehearsal and home recording applications, the FreqOut's 'Range' and 'Type' controls can be used to focus particular harmonics.

Secondly, the CabDryVR includes 14 guitar and bass cab emulations and includes dual inputs and outputs, one of which can be engaged as a dry path. Of particular interest is the Cabinet Tuning control, which allows the user to manipulate the size and tone of the emulated cabinet.

Read the full press releases for both pedals below.

DigiTech cabdryvr

DigiTech cabdryvr

DigiTech CabDryVR press release

The new DigiTech CabDryVR Dual Cabinet Simulator pedal features a selection of 14 all new great sounding guitar and bass cab impulse responses. Now you can run direct from your pedal board or preamp through the CabDryVR to your mixing board, in-ear monitors or DAW and get high quality cabinet emulation without the need for a real cabinet.

More Details

The CabDryVR features dual inputs and outputs, one of which has an optional dry path that can run to your on stage amp. The CabDryVR Cabinet Tuning™ Size control was developed for the venerated GNX Series and morphs the resonant peak of the cabinet to create custom cab sizes and tones. Individual output level controls let you balance each cabinet's volume in the mix.

The CabDryVR uses a 9VDC power supply to easily integrate into your existing pedalboard.

DigiTech freqout

DigiTech freqout

DigiTech FreqOut press release

The DigiTech FreqOut Natural Feedback Creator allows you to get sweet, natural feedback at any volume, with or without distortion. The FreqOut is perfect for situations where volume must be controlled like in the studio, with in ear monitors, or low-volume performance and practice. However, the FreqOut can also be used at gig volume to focus out-of-control feedback on a preferred harmonic at any stage position.

More Details

The FreqOut has adjustable feedback Onset (delay before feedback begins), Gain (feedback level to balance with your dry signal), Dry On/Off, latching or momentary operation, true bypass, and a rugged road-tough steel chassis.

The FreqOut uses a 9VDC power supply to easily integrate into your existing pedalboard.


  • Natural Feedback at any level with or without distortion
  • Onset Delay and Level balance controls
  • 7 Harmonic Feedback types
  • Dry Defeat
  • Momentary/Latching modes
  • True Bypass
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