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NAMM 2016: Floyd Rose promises the best of hardtail and vibrato with the Rail Tail Non-Locking Tremolo system

NAMM 2016: Best known for its industry-standard locking designs, Floyd Rose has revealed a new non-locking vibrato system for Strat-style guitars: the Rail Tail Non-Locking Tremolo.

Designed to retrofit Strat-style six-point vibratos with no modifications, the dive-only Rail Tail claims to pair "the feel and reliability of a hardtail bridge with the flexibility of a tremolo system", while offering easy installation.

The Rail Tail's vibrato plate rotates around a precision rail mounted directly to the guitar body, which promises improved sound quality and increased tuning stability, allowing open strings to maintain pitch while bending another, like a hardtail system.

By adjusting the system's slotted string blocks, the Rail Tail can be set up to dive up to 15 degrees more than traditional vibratos, while its direct-to-plate string saddles promise to enhance sustain and tone.

Availability and price are yet to be announced, but you can bet we'll have more info come January.