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NAMM 2016: Electro-Harmonix unveils Soul POG multi-effects pedal

NAMM 2016: Building on the likes of the Epitome and Turnip Greens, Electro-Harmonix's latest multi-effects pedal is the Soul POG, which fuses the company's popular Soul Food Transparent Overdrive and Nano POG Polyphonic Octave Generator in one unit.

Both pedals retain the controls from their standalone incarnations, and can be used independently or at once, with either appearing first in the chain.

A couple of new features have been added, too - a built-in effects loop allows players to chain other pedals between the two, while a mode switch on the Nano POG chooses between two algorithms for the octave-up sound: one for fast, single-note playing, and one that maximises harmonic content of chords.

Otherwise, both pedals retain their trademark sonic traits - that's touch-sensitive overdrive from the Soul Food, and polyphonic pitch-shifting one octave up and down from the Nano POG.

The Soul POG is available now for $381 (£265), including power supply.