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NAMM 2016: Electro-Harmonix delivers "the ultimate rotary speaker effect" with its new Lester G and Lester K pedals

NAMM 2016: Electro-Harmonix has bolstered its burgeoning catalogue with a pair of rotary speaker emulators, the excellently monikered Lester G and Lester K.

Lester G is designed for guitarists and includes a compressor for maximising the effect, while Lester K offers keyboard players the chance to enhance organ sounds - both pedals operate in stereo, and utilise volume, drive, slow, fast, balance and speed/brake controls.

A separate speed/brake footswitch also allows players to switch between fast and slow modes, while holding the switch down for half a second enters brake mode and decelerates the Leslie.

The Lester G also includes an acceleration control to set the transition rate between fast and slow modes, as well as an expression pedal input - its compressor offers control over attack and sustain, plus a squash button for more extreme compression effects.

The Lester G and Lester K are available now for $298 and $237 respectively - EHX has more.