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NAMM 2016: Add automated hands-free control to any effects pedal with TheGigRig's AutoPot

NAMM 2016: TheGigRig is known for its ambitious pedalboard solutions, but the AutoPot is perhaps its most impressive creation yet: an automated pot turner that gives you full MIDI control over just about any pedal parameter.

Using a MIDI control or loop switching system (such as TheGigRig's acclaimed G2), players can program presets on analogue pedals without any electronic modding.

Each AutoPot controller unit can connect up to three AutoPot arms, and the controllers can all be linked via MIDI out/thru connections, so multiple APs can work together, while hooking up an expression pedal input gives you real-time control.

Watch the video above, and you'll see the AutoPot rotating the pots on a Pro Co RAT - it's spooky to watch, and it works with just about any pedal pot, too.

The AutoPots will be approximately £289 each and are out to conquer the world in May.