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NAMM 2015: Palmer reveals PDI 03 Joe Bonamassa Signature Guitar Speaker Simulator DI

NAMM 2015: We see a lot of signatures on a lot of gear, although it's rare that a guitarist puts his name to a speaker sim - but blues pro Joe Bonamassa loves Palmer's PDI 03 so much that he's done just that.

The PDI 03 Joe Bonamassa Signature Speaker Simulator does away with mic placement and EQ, and connects between your amp and speaker, enabling you to deliver a balanced output to mixers and interfaces with faithfully compensated speaker and cab sounds.

As well as a built-in attenuator and EQ switches, the PDI 03 JB adds an exclusive JB switch, which gives your tone a mid boost to put your guitar, as Joe puts it, "right in your face".

The Palmer PDI 03 JB Speaker Sim will be €199 (£149) - for more info, check out the Palmer website.