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NAMM 2015: B-Social desktop amp heading to a bassist's living room near you

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The B-Social is available in wood, black or white. We're going wood.

The B-Social is available in wood, black or white. We're going wood.

Ashdown B-Social amp in wood

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Ashdown B-Social amp in white

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Ashdown B-Social amp in black

NAMM 2015: Ashdown's B-Social is just the latest in a slew of what we might term lifestyle amps; deceptively noisy units designed to slot seamlessly into your living room without scaring the cat.

As you can see, the B-Social clearly looks the part, and offers bluetooth connectivity and a transmitter for cable-free practice and general music playback.

It also plays nicely with amp and effect sim software via the 'App-Tek' socket and boasts a built-in USB audio interface. Perhaps best of all for casual entertainment use, the amp allows a second bass player of guitarist to plug in and play.

For more info read on or head over to the Ashdown Engineering website.

PRESS RELEASE: B-Social brings Ashdown sound quality and innovative connectivity and collaboration features to the desktop in a compact, powerful 75W stereo amp that looks great in the bedroom, lounge, or home studio.

"After speaking with hundreds of our bass players around the world, the desire for a home practice amp that sounds great and looks just as good was apparent," says Ashdown's Mark Gooday. "With B-Social we wanted to develop a home amp that would give bassists all the features they need to practice, jam and record, with a single product."

Straight out of the box, B-Social delivers signature Ashdown bass tone via a powerful 75W stereo amplifier and two custom dual concentric 5" drivers, specifically designed to deliver punchy low-end in the most compact enclosure.

Further possibilities

Unlocking further tonal possibilities, the App-Tek socket allows players to access the ever-growing range of amp sim and effects apps available on Smartphones and devices, including Ashdown's very own ABM Pre App.

Allowing the bassist to roam at home, B-Social features Bluetooth connectivity and a transmitter that lets the bass connect wirelessly to the amp for cable free jamming.

Bluetooth connectivity also enables audio streaming from any compatible music player.


Adding a new social dimension to the amp, the B-Social includes a second input so the bassist can play along with another bass player or guitarist - electric or acoustic.

"It's a simple feature - and obvious - but so often over looked by amp companies," says Gooday. "Being able to plug into a single amp with a friend or band mate makes B-Social a great tool for collaborative writing and recording."

Recording itself is made simple via the built-in USB audio interface, compatible with all major DAWs on both PC and Mac platforms. The stereo output features a button to enable latency-free monitoring when in use with a DAW.

Rounding out the feature set is a Line In, Line Out, and a Headphone Out for silent practice. B-Social is available in three stunning high gloss wood finishes - Natural, Black and White.