NAMM 2013: Randall unleashes Mike Fortin designed amps

NAMM 2013: Mike Fortin, Randall's new head of amp design, is making his presence felt in Anaheim with a string of hard rocking new ranges.

Fortin's designs, including the RG Series, RD Series and Thrasher Series, should give those about to rock something to get extremely excited about.

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Randall press release

Randall Amplifiers to showcase new Mike Fortin designed product range at NAMM 2013
Randall Amplifiers and UK distributor Sound Technology Ltd are pleased to announce three new ranges of amplifiers due to be unveiled at the 2013 Winter NAMM exhibition in Anaheim, California. The new RG Series, RD Series and Thrasher Series are the first of a whole new line-up of Randall amplifiers designed with boutique amp guru Mike Fortin in his new position as head of Randall amp design.

"From the moment I plugged into the first hand-wired head that Mike Fortin had sent me, I knew he was the new amp guru for Randall", says Randall Amplifiers Brand Manager, Joe Delaney. "The focused, tight sound was so amazingly transparent for having so much gain and the transients were lightning fast- like nothing I had ever heard.

"That was two years ago.", explains Joe, "After that experience, Randall entered into a partnership with Mike to reinvent Randall Amplifiers to be the undisputed master of high gain. It's now NAMM 2013 and we are launching an entirely new offering of products that all embody a distinct sonic signature that delivers the highest performance available to the discerning metal player. From the brutal attack of the Thrasher Stack to the screaming little 1watt Diavlo Combo, Randall is taking high gain to the highest level".

New Thrasher Head

The Randall Thrasher is about metal, all about metal. This unique Mike Fortin designed 120 watt head and deeply tuned cabinet range delivers over the top gain, tight focused attack and crushing tone for rhythm, lead and everything in between. The Thrasher head is a 120 watt high gain amplifier head with features including 2 Channel/4 Mode with Boost, tube fx loop, XLR out, metal grills and corner edging for heavy duty road use. Accompanying cabs are loaded with Celestion® G12H100 speakers in 4 x 12" 400W straight, 4 x 12" 400W angled, and 2 x 12" 200W angled variants.


From 1 watt to 100 watts and everything in between, the new Randall Diavlo (RD) Series offers the best flavours of all-tube high gain tone solutions. The RD series are great hard rock amps with a model to suit every level of player in any environment.

Models include:

RD100H - 100 watt all tube amplifier with 3 channels/boost
RD45H - 45 watt all tube amplifier with 2 channels/boost
RD40C - 40 watt all tube 1x12 Combo amplifier with 2 channels/boost
RD20H - 20 watt all tube amplifier with 2 channels/boost
RD5C/RD5H - 5 watt all tube single channel head or 10" combo
RD1C/RD1H - 1 watt all tube single channel head or 8" combo
RD412 - 4x12 Cabinet with Steel Grill, Randall or Celestion Speakers
RD212 - 2x12 Cabinet with Steel Grill, Randall or Celestion Speakers
RD112 - 1x12 Cabinet with Steel Grill, Randall or Celestion Speaker
RD110 - 1x10 Cabinet with Steel Grill and Randall Speakers


The new Randall RG Series returns to the original high performance FET circuits that Don Randall founded the Randall company on and which became the signature sound for so many influential artists in Randall's 40 plus year history. Utilising the infamous RG100 and RG80 designs and adding modern improvements and features, Randall once again offers solid-state transistor amplifiers with incredible sonic performance.

Models include:

RG3003H - 3 channel 300 WATT high gain head amp with noise gate
RG1503H - 3 channel 150 WATT high gain head amplifier with reverb
RG1003H - 3 channel 100 WATT high gain head amplifier with reverb
RG1503-212 -150 WATT 3 channel 2x12 combo amp with reverb
RG80 - 80 WATT 2 channel 1x12 combo amp with reverb
RG13 - 1 WATT 3 channel Pedal Amplifier with Boost and FX loop
RG8 - 35 WATT 1x8 Speaker Cabinet for RG13
RG412 - 200 WATT 4x12 Speaker Cabinet
RG212 - 100 WATT 2x12 Speaker Cabinet

Randall RG13 Pedal-Amplifier

The new RG series includes the Randall RG13 Pedal-Amplifier. The RG13 is a 1 watt high gain solid state floor pedal amplifier. Put it through your 4x12 and be blown away at what one watt can do, or get the matching RG8 8" extension cab to practice with at home. Use it as a gain/distortion/tone/boost pedal in front of your amp or, plug it into the FX return. The XLR speaker emulated output is great for recording or sending signal to the PA/Front of House. The loop is switchable with a level control and can be used as an output level boost/cut to control your level in the mix. All of this in a heavy duty metal enclosure with external power supply and an external 9v power jack for pedals right on the unit.

All products will be on show at NAMM 2013 on the Randall stand #5244.