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NAMM 2012: Orange Amps launches new Professional Cables range

Available in orange, naturally, but also in black
Available in orange, naturally, but also in black

NAMM 2012 PRESS RELEASE: Orange Amps, a leading innovator in sound technology are proud to announce the launch of their new Orange Professional Cables.

The new cables achieve a high performance using electrolytic tough pitch (ETP) pure copper that has 99.9 percent Oxygen completely removed in the process. This oxygen free custom-made copper thread helps increase conductivity to achieve ultra-strong signal transmission, ultra-low impedance and unparalleled sound clarity.

The cables have improved music signal transmission and extremely high audio quality, with heat shrink over connections for extra strength and Neutrilk gold plated connectors. The ultra-silent cables come with a woven cover for hardwearing flexibility and are shielded with a PVC double jacket and then woven nylon for extra rugged durability.

The cables are available in orange for those that want to be seen and black if the preference is for low stage visibility. The range comes in various lengths and configurations and include instrument, speaker and microphone cables. Engineered to high specifications, these cables are made tough for long lasting use both for live and studio applications.

The cables will be available starting May 2012.

Information taken from official press release, for more visit Orange Amplification

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