NAMM 2011: Red Witch debut Seven Sisters pedals

NAMM 2011 PRESS RELEASE: Offering artist-quality at an entry level price ($129.99 each), each pedal has its own charging circuit built into the device - just attach any DC adapter between 9 and 18 volts to it, let it charge over night and the pedal will be good for 1-2 weeks worth of gigging. No more dead 9 volt batteries, no more nasty ground loops from daisy chained power supplies.

Each features a jack socket at the top of our proprietary, custom made diecast enclosure.


If you've looked all your life for a truly beautiful, simple compressor - your search is over. From subtle to bold, soft to firm, Grace delivers gloriously


Never judge a book by her cover. This sweet, demure sister hides, within her tiny frame, a massive delay (800m/s). Possibly the most petite 800m/s delay in the world...


Sister midnight, the wild child... the sister you'd outwardly scorn but inwardly covet. A high-gain Metal priestess of the first order. The black sheep of the family, rumoured to be in league with you know who...


The jagged angel, who'll calm when you whisper the right words in her ear. Closer to her sister Ivy than any of the others, she can dance the line between silky-soft fuzz and an all-consuming tidal wave of sonic saturation.


Shy and coy, Eve's tremolo tone is delicate, musical and hypnotic. Able to offer everything from a light pulse to a deep throb, Eve encapsulates the idea of a simple, super-musical-sounding trem.


The passionate redhead. She delivers smooth creamy break up with delicious front end clarity. When you need an uncluttered, concise overdrive, come and knock on Scarlett's door.


The pure sister - offering a gorgeous clean boost. Fair and just, she can deliver the gentlest of volume lifts or when crossed, unleash a colossal, amplifier melting wave of gain. Lily is simply the boost to end all boosts.

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