NAMM 2010: Blackstar set to launch HT-Venue series

Check out the HT-60: it sounds pretty damn cool to our ears
Check out the HT-60: it sounds pretty damn cool to our ears

Amidst the masses of boutique Americana on show at NAMM 2010, Blackstar will be flying the flag for British amp design with their new HT-Venue series.

The video clip above speaks for itself, but for those of you who like to know these things, according to Blackstar the HT-60 2x12 combo being put through its paces has the following features:

"Three channels with 2-way EQ for 'boutique' channel and 3-way EQ plus ISF for Overdrive Channels. A Voice switch for each channel, Presence, Resonance, Master Volume, digital reverb with dark/bright switch, effects loop and emulated output with 1x12/4x12 select switch. Supplied with a 4-way foot controller."

Under the hood, the 60-watt valve combo has two ECC83, one ECC82 and two EL34 tubes. The range also features 20, 40 and 100-watt models.

We can't wait to check them out for ourselves at Winter NAMM 2010, which begins Thursday 14 January. Read the latest NAMM rumours here.

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