Musikmesse 2015: DigiTech announces Obscura Altered Delay pedal

MUSIKMESSE 2015: If you like to take your delay sounds from pretty and into the realms of downright crazy, DigiTech's new Obscura may be just the delay pedal you're looking for.

The skeleton-emblazoned Obscura Altered Delay, features four differentdelaymodes (Analogue, Tape, Lo-Fi and Reverse) with controls offering the option to distort, darken and degrade the delay tone.

The Degrade and Tone controls enable players to manipulate the amount of increasing signal degradation and high-frequency rolloff of repeats, and the reverse mode emulates the psychedelic sounds of playing a recording backwards.

DigiTech continues: 'The Level control adjusts the amount of dry to delayed signal, while the Time knob dials in the duration of the delay from slapback to two seconds of delay. The Repeat control adjusts the number of delay repeats, from a single clean repeat to chaotic oscillating runaway.

'The Obscura Altered Delay's Tap Tempo mode with beat divisions enables the player to tap the footswitch to match the delay to the tempo of the music. Adding to the sonic hijinks, the pedal's Repeat/Hold function will lock onto and loop a phrase and its Tails on/off switch controls whether the delay continues after the effect is switched off, or cuts off abruptly.'

The Obscura also features mono input and outputs and isexpected to be available in May 2015 with a retail of £129.

Rob Laing
Guitars Editor, MusicRadar

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