Musikmesse 2012: Warwick and Framus announce new guitar and bass models

Plenty of new models from the Warwick, Framus and RockBass brands are set for Frankfurt Musikmesse 2012
Plenty of new models from the Warwick, Framus and RockBass brands are set for Frankfurt Musikmesse 2012

Although several of us still haven't finished our laundry from NAMM, Frankfurt Musikmesse 2012 is already looming large. Winner of the 'so efficient it hurts' award for getting its new product announcements for Frankfurt out there before absolutely everybody else is Warwick.

Here's the official announcement in full...

"The Frankfurt Musikmesse 2012 will be opening its doors soon, and between 21-24 March it attracts once more countless visitors from all over the world. For this year the instrument manufacturers from Markneukirchen, Warwick and Framus, stepped it up one more notch, and will be eagerly presenting their new products at their extensive E12 booth in Hall 4.1.

"And there will be some surprises as well as long-standing wishes finally coming true. So here we go. Warwick and Framus give us a sneak peek at all the things we can expect...


  • The Corvette Standard FSC Certified is the first bass model that will feature the coveted Forest Stewardship Council Certificate - FSC for short.
  • The Jack Bruce Survivor Signature Bass is based on the Warwick Jack Bruce CRB Bass.
  • Jimmy Earl returned to the Warwick endorser family, and his Jimmy Earl Signature model is based on the popular Streamer Bass.
  • The Thumb Singlecut NT 6 String Broadneck is geared towards bass players that are sympathetic to the wide string spacing of 4-string basses.
  • Warwick will be celebrating their 30th anniversary on 13 September 2012 and for this memorable occasion present the Streamer LTD 2012 Warwick 30th Anniversary Bass, which will feature a body made of cherry tree wood that has beenageingfor over 20 years.
  • The Warwick Artist Series will present the Steve Bailey Artist Series Bass, the Jack Bruce Artist Series Bass, as well as the Robert Trujillo Artist Series NT Bass.
  • The Streamer Stage I bass is now also available as a neck-through Pro Series instrument.
  • The unmistakable Alien Akustik bass will now be also available as a 6-string bass.

RockBass by Warwick

  • The brand new RockBass Artist Line, which is geared towards price-conscious bassists that still look for quality instruments, was jointly developed with our world-famous signature artists. For the first bass model of this series Warwick got together with Robert Trujillo and designed the Robert Trujillo Artist Line Bass.
  • Whoever doesn't get along with the long scale basses can now pick up a RockBass Corvette Basic and choose between Short Scale and Medium Scale.
  • Also new are the RockBass Streamer NT I with a neck through design, the RockBass Corvette Basic as a 6-string version, as well as the striking 6-string RockBass Alien 6 Deluxe Bass.


  • Cool! The Framus Earl Slick Signature Model is now also available as an Artist Series instrument, with the choice of DiMarzio PAF or P90-pickups, a Tune-O-Matic bridge with Stop Tailpiece or a Bigsby 500 Vibrato, and either a Red Satin or Black Satin finish.
  • Two real surprises for the Framus Vintage series: TheFramus Vintage 5/120 Billy Lorento Jazz Guitar embodies the design and feature characteristics of the original instrument from 1953.
  • The brand new Framus Vintage 5/150 Star Bass pays tribute to yet another Framus classic. The Star Bass was originally introduced at the end of the '50s. Bill Wyman - then bassist for the The Rolling Stones - was one of the first Star Bass players and soon enough rose to a Framus endorser with this instrument.

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