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Musikmesse 08: Line 6 announces M13 Stompbox Modeler multi-FX

Pretty lights and buttons to press. We want one.
Pretty lights and buttons to press. We want one.

Alongside the new Bogner Alchemist amps that it is set to distribute and the JM-4 looper stompbox, Line 6 had other exciting new products up its sleeve at Frankfurt Musikmesse.

As well as announcing new 400 and 750-watt LowDown bass amplifiers and the POD X3 Pro, we were most enamoured with the company´s new M13 Stompbox Modeler.

Although nobody outside of the high-security Line 6 development bunker has actually heard the thing yet - there was only a prototype enclosure at the show, although this seemed pretty rugged - the signs are good.

Many of you will have previous experience of Line 6´s modelling stompboxes, and the DL4 in particular seems to feature on many a professional player´s pedalboard.

The M13 delivers not only many of the sounds generated by the existing Line 6 pedals, but also features a dedicated 28-second looper alongside its compliment of 74 modelled stompbox effects, 12 combinations of which can be recalled at any time.

Visit the official Line 6 website for the full specifications. The M13 has a UK RRP of £398.33 and will be $699.99 stateside.