MusicRadar Playlist: this week's office listening

Welcome to another round-up of the new tunes that have caught the attention of MusicRadar's staff members.

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Rozi Plain - Cold Tap

British folk musician Rozi Plain has recently released her excellent second album, Joined Sometimes Unjoined, on Scottish label Fence. The lovely, vaguely basketball-themed video above accompanies album track Cold Tap. (Si Truss)

Cub Scouts - Told You So

All of my favourite tunes seem to be Australian at the moment. All those years of Neighbours after school must have subliminally planted an ache for Aussie music in my soul. Anyway, this is an ace bit of floaty indie-pop from Cub Scouts. Hooray for them. (Rob Power)

Dethklok - The Galaxy

Think of Dethklok as a heavy metal version of Gorillaz. The brainchild of Brendon Small and Tommy Blancha, creators of the animated series Metalocalypse, it's a virtual band that performs music for the show. The Galaxy is from the new Dethklok album, Dethalbum III, and it's a cornucopia of epic metal goodness: an elongated intro of symphonic, harmony guitars; surging, walloping drums; and Small's throat-bursting "Cookie Monster" vocals. And the video has pentagrams - how metal is that? (Joe Bosso)

Big Wave - Only You

A chaotic wedge of punch-you-in-the-face garage pop. Noisy, catchy and endearingly awkward, Big Wave follow a blueprint laid by The Only Ones' Another Girl, Another Planet and post-Ramones girl groups, all buried under a multi-colour mound of fuzzy distortion. (Matt Parker)

AraabMUZIK - After Hours

Hip-hop producer and MPC sensation AraabMUZIK's recorded output can be a bit all over the place; ranging from excellent rap instrumentals to anthemic euro-pop to largely unpleasant, screechy EDM numbers. This new cut, from his forthcoming second album, is great though, sitting in the middle-ground between house and classic disco. (Si Truss)

Breakbot feat Irfane - One Out Of Two

It's easy to fall for Breakbot's 'Michael Jackson meets Daft Punk' shtick, which is in evidence throughout recently released album By Your Side. One Out Of Two chucks a bit of '70s MOR into the mix as well, and is all the better for it. (Ben Rogerson)

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