Miley Cyrus an Iron Maiden fan? Yeah, right!

Cyrus tries to have the best of both worlds
Cyrus tries to have the best of both worlds

Our friends at Guitar World sent us this wacky bit of Friday celebrity news. Teen star Miley Cyrus - you know, Hannah Montana - was recently photographed wearing an Iron Maiden T-shirt.

Apparently, the picture caused such a hubbub that Cyrus took to her website to explain in a video that she's not a "poser" and that she does indeed love the seminal metal band.

"I'm sure you all have seen me rocking an Iron Maiden shirt lately and I know there's been some people saying, 'Oh, she's a poser' and 'The only reason she's wearing Iron Maiden is because she wants to be a rock star," says Cyrus, seated beside her older sister Brandi.

Then, rattling off titles, Cyrus says, "So...Iron Maiden - Run To The Hills, Fear Of The Dark, Running Free, [all] good song(s), check it out. So thank you, guys. I actually do like Iron Maiden."

Cue cards?

All of this would be believable were it not for the fact that Cyrus seems to look at an off-camera cue card with every song she mentions. Brandi does the same when she proudly announces Sanctuary as her personal fav.

Honestly, it pains us to call foul on Miley Cyrus - our kids are big fans. But 'poser' is as 'poser' does. Decide for yourself, from 1:30 to 3:05.

Thanks, Guitar World.

Joe Bosso

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