Metallica, Jeff Beck among 2009 Rock Hall Of Fame inductees

Metallica: too legit to quit?
Metallica: too legit to quit?

Thrash metal, the British Invasion, old-school rap - it should be one heck of a jam session. Yes, folks, the 2009 Rock And Rock Hall Of Fame inductees have been announced, with Metallica, Jeff Beck and Run-DMC among those artists honored.

Others selected this year include 1950's vocal outfit Little Anthony And The Imperials and '60s soul master Bobby Womack. In addition, rockabilly legend Wanda Jackson will be inducted in the Early Influence category, as well as pianist Dewey Lyndon "Spooner" Oldham and Elvis Presley bassist Bill Black and drummer DJ Fontana in the Sideman category.

Lars is psyched

"I'll fucking take it right now. I'm fucking psyched that anybody still gives a shit about this band" Lars Ulrich, on being inducted

According to Rolling Stone, Metallica's Lars Ulrich has been dreaming about the honor since he inducted Black Sabbath three years ago."I'm not going to give a whole schpeel about 'come back in 20 years or something,'" he said. "I'll fucking take it right now. I'm fucking psyched that anybody still gives a shit about this band."

As for Run-DMC, the second rap group to be inducted, Darryl "DMC" McDaniels said, "I want to let the world know that there are others receiving this honor with us. I'm talking about our heroes Afrika Bambaataa, Treacherous Three, The Cold Crush Brothers and DJ Kool Herc."

The group plan to perform at the 4 April induction ceremony in Cleveland; it will be their first time onstage together since founding member Jam Master Jay was shot to death in Queens, New York seven years ago.

As for the end-of-show jam, we just want to see the whole gang bang out the ultimate version of this gem.

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