Metal guitarist goes on hunger strike

Ira Black very metal but caring
Ira Black: very metal, but caring

Lizzy Borden guitarist Ira Black, who has previously played with Metal Church and Heathen, has gone on a hunger strike at Los Angeles County Jail. He claims that his veganism is not being recognised by the facility as "valid and sincere".

Ira was taken into custody on 3 January 2009 on a misdemeanor charge (for an unpaid fine) and is being held on a reported $65,000 bail.

Black's fiancée says that the guitarist "has been in the system for over a week now and has had to survive on a miniscule diet. Ira has been a vegan for 15 years and it seems none of the local correctional facilities will accommodate any inmate with a vegetarian or vegan diet."

"This is a serious human rights issue, I'm not just trying to manipulate the system" Ira Black

She continues: "They will give inmates with medical problems or religious beliefs a different meal, but there is no concern for the vegetarians/vegans. He feels very strongly about this and has gone on a 'hunger strike' until his release later this month to show how serious this should be taken."

Black himself says: "I want people to know how legitimate and sincere veganism and vegetarianism is and this is a serious human rights issue, I'm not just trying to manipulate the system."

Black has set-up a Myspace page dedicated to his plight. Lizzy Borden's last album was 2007's Appointment With Death.