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Mesa/Boogie unveils Cabclone cabinet simulator

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Mesa/Boogie Cabclone

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Mesa/Boogie Cabclone

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Mesa/Boogie Cabclone

It's a company traditionally associated with rows of 4x12s, but Mesa/Boogie has now unleashed the Cabclone cabinet simulator, which does away with those pesky cabinets.

An alternative to micing your amp, the Cabclone features a built-in amp load to allow you to plug your guitar amp's speaker output straight into a recording interface, mixing desk or even headphones - ideal for cranked valve tones at late-night practice sessions.

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A passive design ensures the Cabclone will run without a power supply, and the unit includes a three-position cabinet voicing switch for open-back, closed-back and vintage closed-back simulations, plus an XLR direct output, line level output and headphone output.

The Cabclone will be available in the UK from August, with an RRP of £219.