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Meet the NES Paul, an electric guitar made from a Nintendo console

Employing one of our favourite guitar/videogame puns in recent memory, the NES Paul is here to make your wildest Nintendo/six-string/moustachioed plumber fantasies come true.

Featuring a body composed entirely of an original Nintendo Entertainment System, the NES Paul can be built in a number of configurations, from a Les Paul-style humbucker and tune-(Mari)o-matic arrangement to a triple-single coil and hardtail setup - whatever you choose, it's sure to be a Peach… although the tone can be a little boxy.

Best of all, the guitar's headstock can be finished off with your favourite Nintendo character (Link, surely).

The NES Paul is the brainchild of Doni from, erm, Doni Guitars, who also builds the similarly well-named Rebel Bass from old Star Wars Millennium Falcon toys.

If you fancy a NES Paul of your own, they're available from Doni Guitars, starting at £450 - better get thumping those ? blocks.