Meet Guns N' Roses guitarist Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal

Wait a minute, that guitar hasn't got any frets!
Wait a minute, that guitar hasn't got any frets!

Guns N' Roses guitarist Ron Thal, aka Bumblefoot, will be appearing at two UK meet and greets this weekend, presented by Vigier guitars.

Despite the circus surrounding the recent release of Chinese Democracy, you can't exactly accuse Axl and co of doing a mountain of press or public appearances.

Indeed, Bumblefoot's meet and greets will represent the only public appearance of a Guns N' Roses member in the UK this year.

UK fans of Bumblefoot and Guns N' Roses will have the opportunity to meet and talk to Ron about his playing, experiences and life in GN'R.

Details and times and venues for these events are as follows:

Saturday 13 December

11:00am - 12:45pm

Rough Trade Records
Rough Trade East
'Dray Walk'
Old Truman Brewery
91 Brick Lane
E1 6QL
tel: +44 (0)20 7392 7790

14:15pm - 15:30pm

Chappell of Bond Street
152-160 Wardour Street
tel: +44 (0)20 7432 4411

For more information, check out the Vigier website.

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