Me And My Guitar: Rob Stephens, Hawk Eyes

Guitarists we like on the gear that they love
Guitarists we like on the gear that they love

In this week's Me And My Guitar Hawk Eyes' animated lead player Rob Stephens joins us to celebrate the joy of the brand new with a Gibson Explorer that's fresh out of the box.

We've all ogled seemingly unobtainable vintage guitars in shop windows, some may be fortunate enough to have played, or even owned such a battered treasure, but a sensation that's perhaps familiar to more of us is the pleasure of saving up for a shiny new instrument - a blank canvas that you can make your own.

Watch the video above to see Rob, who spends his time writing spider-handed riffs in Leeds rockers Hawk Eyes, show off his new Gibson in mature and reasoned fashion. Then check out the trippy promo for Hawk Eyes most recent single, Headstrung, below.

Me And My Guitar is about finding out the stories behind some of our favourite artists' guitars, whether it's a battered workhorse, a vintage beauty, or an off the peg new model.

Hawk Eyes - Headstrung

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