Matt Sorum wails on Scott Weiland...again

No love lost between Sorum (right) and Weiland (center)
No love lost between Sorum (right) and Weiland (center)

Perhaps his last name should be "Sore 'Em." Velvet Revolver drummer Matt Sorum is apparently still burning mad at Scott Weiland, who quit the band to rejoin his former group, Stone Temple Pilots, and he's not afraid to say so.

"When [Libertad] came out, it wasn't as impactful as the first record," says Sorum. I think at that point people in the business end of things started dangling the carrot for STP and pulled [Weiland] away from us a little bit. He started getting his head someplace else. Unfortunately, when people dangle the carrot, sometimes you bite. The vibe got weird, and I think we just felt the vibe. And it just kind of got bad at that point."

During a show in Glasgow this past March, the public became aware that all was not right in the VR camp. Weiland announced on stage that it would be Velvet Revolver's final tour, throwing his bandmates for a loop. Afterwards, Sorum apologized in his blog for Weiland's behavior.

"I did a blog on my web site, which 200 people look at," Sorum says. "At first I thought it was sort of a damage control kind of thing, and I said, 'Hey, I'm sorry about the vibe on stage.' We were in Glasgow, Scotland in front of some of the greatest fans in the world, and I felt bad for them. I really did. I felt bad. I was in my hotel, and I couldn't sleep. I was upset, and I said, 'I'm really sorry for what went down. Some of us are just unhappy.'

"Everybody could see what was going on that was there at the gig. It was very evident. I just said, 'Hey ... ' That's what I felt at the time, and the next thing I know it's up on Blabbermouth and every other site in the world, and then I got the wrath of Mr. Scott Weiland - skinny little guy as he is. He's the kind of guy that would drive by you in a car and shout out some shit to you, and then he's got three buddies in there - and then run. It's like, ' Fuck you too, pal!' You know? If I saw him right now he'd probably be running down an alley way. He knows I'm twice his size."

Interestingly, Sorum has done a 180 when it comes to another former bandmate, Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose. "I actually have a newfound liking and love for Axl Rose," Sorum says. "I've said a couple of bad things about Axl, and I think they've come back to bite me. The one thing I know about Axl Rose, as much as a dick as he was at times, the stadium was usually sold out! A little difference between [Scott Weiland and Axl Rose]. I'm talking 50,000 not 5,000. I could deal with that. A jet, I'm not talking just a Jet, a 727, my own limo and a guy to carry my shit."

By Joe Bosso


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