Martin HM Ben Harper Special Signature Edition

Who says crime doesn't pay?
Who says crime doesn't pay?

He's an Innocent Criminal who's gone straight -- to the top of the charts, that is. And now Ben Harper has his own Martin Signature Edition guitar.

A versatile guitarist needs an equally versatile guitar. Ben Harper has designed that guitar, one that satisfies his own personal preferences for acoustic tone and on-board electronics, and showcases both traditional appointments and his own eclectic style: the Martin HM Ben Harper Special Edition.

The Ben Harper model draws inspiration from Martin's M size, which combines a wide (16") body with 000 (4 1/8" at the endpin) depth for powerful, balanced tone. Superb solid tonewoods throughout contribute to its outstanding voice. The top of rare Adirondack spruce is matched to 5/16" Adirondack spruce scalloped braces for extraordinary headroom and clarity. The back and sides of East Indian rosewood add warmth and projection. The 1 11/16" (at the nut) low profile neck with diamond volute is carved from genuine mahogany.

A bold, colorful target has become a symbol synonymous with Harper; and so under the familiar gold old-style "C.F. Martin" logo on the polished black ebony headplate, a version of the target is inlaid in orange and green composite stone.

For outstanding amplified sound, the HM Ben Harper Special Edition comes equipped with a Fishman Ellipse Matrix Blend System, which combines Martin's GoldPlus under-the-saddle transducer, an Ellipse internal condenser mini-mic on a flexible gooseneck mount, and an integrated preamp.

Each guitar bears an interior label personally signed by Ben Harper and numbered in sequence. U.S. list price: 6,499.00 U.S.

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