Led Zeppelin instrumental tribute CD out now

Get The Led Out on this Zeppelin tribute
Get The Led Out on this Zeppelin tribute

The concept of taking 12 celebrated numbers from the Led Zeppelin songbook and reworking them sans vocals works wonders on a new CD titled Get The Led Out! - Led Zeppelin Salute.

The album is credited to producer-guitarist Brian Tarquin, who assembled a sweeping array of classic Zeppelin covers as performed by some of rock's cutting-edge guitar stars. Leslie West and Randy Coven visited Tarquin's New York Jungle Room Studios to lay down parts on a new Moby Dick, while James Ryan cut an instrumental Black Dog at his studio in Australia. Martin Winch recorded his version of Kashmir in New Zealand, while Hal Lindes recorded Babe I'm Gonna Leave You at his Venice Beach studio. Such is the international appeal of Led Zeppelin.

As a bonus for Zeppelin fans, Get The Led Out! features four vintage bonus cuts - three from 1970 with Jimmy Page, Daniel Edwards, John Bonham and singer David "Lord" Sutch and one from '68 with John Paul Jones and singer Keith de Groot - presenting an interesting twist to this classic CD tribute.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Whole Lotta Love - Chris Mahoney
2. Moby Dick - Randy Coven featuring Leslie West
3. Four Sticks - Howard Hart
4. Dazed & Confused - Brian Tarquin
5. Immigrant Song - Greg Rapaport
6. Kashmir - Martin Winch
7. The Battle Of Evermore - Steve Bingham
8. Black Dog - James Ryan
9. D'yer Mak'er - Larry Van Fleet
10. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You - Hal Lindes
11. Friends - Steve Booke
12. All My Love - Doug Doppler
13. Thumping Beat - Jimmy Page
14. 'Cause I Love You - Jimmy Page
15. Wailing Sounds - Jimmy Page
16. Burn Up - Jimmy Page

For more information, visit Bohemianproductions.net

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