Lace Helix 5-string bass

Save energy, play a Lace
Save energy, play a Lace

Want a 5-string bass but you don't want to lug a tobogan around? The Lace Helix five-string is just your thing.

The third in its new "Red Label" Series line of Helix basses, the Lace Helix five-string features a five-piece maple and mahogany laminated neck with a mahogany body. The neck-thru design has a four plus one- tuning key design, billet aluminum truss rod cover, and chrome foil logo. The stylized headstock boasts a five-degree tilt back headstock for better string pull. Scale length is a standard 34" scale. Fretboard is mahogany with medium jumbo frets. New Lace data-style knobs, which are rubberized for better control, include two volume and one tone knob, respectively.

All-new Alumitone Bass soapbar pickups are featured with a neck and bridge position dressed in chrome. This new patented and patent- pending pickup technology is available only from Lace. Passive in design, these Alumitones are a "current driven" method of sonic translation of the notes with zero noise. The Alumitone technology reduces copper wire by 95 percent as compared to conventional pickup design.

"This new design of pickup will, in the big picture, reduce open pit mining for copper and the high energy required to produce the fine copper wire gauges used typically throughout the pickup industry," states Jeff Lace, Vice President and designer of the Alumitone.
Mr. Lace also states that "the light weight of the Alumitones will not only reduce the stress over one's shoulder when playing, but reduces the overall weight of bass when shipping, thus saving more energy usage as well". The five-string Helix weighs less than eight pounds fully loaded.

The Helix five-string bass is available in natural, trans red, and trans black with a gloss laminated neck. U.S. list price is $999.99 for fretted and $949.99 for the fretless version.

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