Krank introduces Rev Jr. micro stacks

It's not the size that counts
It's not the size that counts

Krank's Revolution amp started a, well, revolution, and that continues with the addition of their Rev. Jr. micro stack amps. Don't let their size fool you. These little babies go up against the big guns.

Krank Amplification's Rev Jr. and Rev Jr. Pro micro stacks are the little brothers to that company's flagship Revolution Series 1 head and cabs. Features included in this 20-watt all tube dual channel head (two 5881s, three 12AX7s) are a three-band eq and sweep just like the Rev 1, as well as a manual boost and channel switch, active effects loop, ohm selector and worldwide voltage selector. The standard Rev Jr. offers four distinct tonal shapes throughout its single knob classic-style tube clean channel and its high-gain "Krank" channel, each being able to utilize the "boost" function as well as a tube-driven active effects loop from very high-gain sounds. The Rev Jr. Pro offers extra features that include footswitchable channels and bass and treble tone shaping on the clean.

Tones range from spanky clean to the high-gain frenzy Krank has made their reputation on. The 1x12 cabs feature Eminence speakers and are the same poplar construction as their popular 4x12 Rev and Krankenstein cabs. The 1x12s also serve multiple purposes as they comfortably handle a 100-watt head, making them viable for home use or a unique alternative for small club gigs. Custom colors and grills are available.

Street prices for the standard Rev Jr. are $899 US for the full stack, $699 US for the half stack, and $549 US for the head alone. Prices for the Rev Jr. Pro are $999 US for the full stack, $799 US for the half, and $599 US for the head alone. The 1x12 cabs are $249 US individually.

For more info visit the official Krank Amplification website.

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