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Kemper update offers 50 new amp profiles

Now updated, the game-changing KPA
Now updated, the game-changing KPA

The Kemper Profiling Amp has taken the guitar world by storm since its launch - and a Version 1.1 firmware update has now been released that includes 50 new Amp Profiles and some intriguing lo-fi effects.

The update will be included with all new Kempers, but is also available to download from the company's website. Highlights include Amp Profiles for rarities such as a '65 Blackface Fender Bassman modded by Siggi Mehl, a '63 Selmer Zodiac Twin Fifty, and even a "dying" Vox AC15 that malfunctioned during a profiling session to produce freakish fuzztone-style sounds. There's also a raft of special Rigs created by Bill Ruppert, offering everything from Jimi-style Octavia tones to classic surf sounds.

Effects also get an overhaul, too, with a new selection of 'Lo-Fi' effects including Ring Modulator, Frequency Shifter and Rate Reducer among many other intriguing dirt and glitch-enhancing effects.

The Kemper Profiling Amp was launched in 2011 and uses unique technology to capture the sonic character of any amp and replicate its tone with a surprising degree of authenticity. Current fans include Steve Morse, Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree and Steve Lukather.

Read Guitarist magazine's review of the Kemper Profiling Amp here, and check out the hands-on video below to hear profiling in action. For more great video where that came from, check out Guitarist Deluxe for iPad.

Features Editor, Guitars Group