Joaquin Phoenix raps - and falls

Phoenix walks an unsteady line in hip-hop
Phoenix walks an unsteady line in hip-hop

In the Don't-give-up-your-day-job department - oh, too late, he already has - we give you Joaquin Phoenix, who has embarked on his new career as a rapper.

Phoenix stunned onlookers at a Las Vegas nightclub when he stepped up to the mic and performed three hip-hop numbers. To say things went badly would be a massive understatement.

The retired actor sported an unkempt beard and long hair, danced unsteadily along the catwalk and tried desperately to get the audience to dance.

After his impromtu set, Phoenix stalked off the stage - and fell flat into the crowd. Hey - he knows how to make an exit!

Working with Diddy on album

"Are there people out there who think I'm a joke? I'm sure there will be...but I can't worry about that" Joaquin Phoenix

Last year, MusicRadar reported that Phoenix was working with Charlatans frontman Tim Burgess on an album that Burgess described as "brilliant." Now, apparently, Phoenix has had a change of heart and is embracing a hip-hop career and is said to be working with Diddy on a record.

"This is me saying this is who I am. This is my story," Phoenix told "After all the years of reading scripts and reading lines, this is my chance to do something straight from the heart and put it out there.

"When I was young I liked punk rock music but then I discovered rap. I love the storytelling aspect of hip-hop. Are there people out there who think I'm a joke? I'm sure there will be. Are there people who think it's going to suck? Probably, but I can't worry about that."

Maybe he should give the video a good hard look.

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