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Jim Dunlop EVH Signature wah

The EVH wah is decorated as expected
The EVH wah is decorated as expected

Eddie Van Halen has never been shy of lending his name to a new product. Following on from his signature Phase 90 and Flanger pedals from Dunlop´s MXR stable, the Jim Dunlop Wah is the latest pedal line to get the EVH treatment.

The new EVH Signature Wah pedal is modelled on the Crybaby that Van Halen had modified to include a higher Q inductor and wider frequency sweep. This, we´re told, gives a more pronounced mid-range and a throatier, more vocal tone to the pedal.

It´s not just the tone that´s been tweaked from a standard Crybaby; there´s also two bright blue on/off LEDs, so wah users can, at last, tell if the pedal is engaged or not. The EVH Signature wah also brings the classic Crybaby the pedal´s modelled on up-to-date with true bypass circuitry.

The whole thing is finished off with Eddie´s signature stripes, in a fetching shade of bright yellow.

Release date is TBC, but the RRP is expected to be £219.
More info on the Jim Dunlop website.

By Chris Wickett