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J Rockett Audio Designs takes aim with .45 Caliber Overdrive guitar effects pedal

J Rockett Audio Designs has added to its Tour Series pedal roster - which already boasts such superlative stompboxes as the Archer Ikon, Tranquilizer and The Dude - with the .45 Caliber Overdrive.

A recreation of the original 1962 JTM45 sound, the .45 Overdrive covers crunchy tones from Malcolm Young to Pete Townshend Live At Leeds, says J Rockett.

Four knobs - loud, gain, bass and treble - provide the control, while the .45 Caliber also packs J Rockett's new Speed Switch system, and is powered via a 9V power supply.

The .45 Caliber is available now for $189/£169.