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Is Stomplight, a lighting rig in a stompbox, a bright idea?

OK, so Jean Michel Jarre is unlikely to be on the waiting list and Muse's lighting boffins won't be sent scuttling back to the drawing board, but Stomplight, a diminutive lightshow-in-a-stompbox, could be just what those of us with more modest staging opportunities are looking for.

Currently raising funds for full production, the unit boasts five distinct modes, from colour wheels and mono washes to potentially more exciting, responsive mic and mixer modes. And if you do fancy a wig-out there's an adjustable stroboscopic mode that comes with an encouragingly stark health warning.

The lighting itself is provided by specialists Cree Lighting and takes the form of an adjustable LED array.

For more information, you can head over to Stomplight's kickstarter page. What do you think? Bright idea or dim non-starter?