Is a Judas Priest Metal God video game in the works?

Rob Nukem
Rob Nukem?

Leather-clad Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford earned the nickname 'Metal God' for his tribute to metal music, named after his band's song of the same name. Now, Halford has copyrighted the Metal God moniker for a video game…

"The trademark was filed on January 11 of this year and covers 'computer games; video games; and game controllers for computer games'," reports Kotaku. "

You can see the trademark request here but details are on the slim side. Halford could, of course, just be protecting Metal God from other gaming entrepreneurs. Or - in much more fun reality - he might be considering adding a video game franchise to Rob Halford Entertainment Limited's books.

Not another Hero

An obvious choice is another Guitar Hero/Rock Band clone, but we'd much prefer a classic arcade style shoot-'em-up featuring Rob Halford, a motorbike and an Uzi...

Rob halford

Rob halford

(Via: Blabbermouth)