Ibanez recreates Joe Satriani's 'Black Dog' guitar

Just 100 examples will be available worldwide, so fans should act quickly
Just 100 examples will be available worldwide, so fans should act quickly

After much speculation and a sneak preview at Summer NAMM 2008, Ibanez has confirmed details of its JS 'Black Dog' Tribute, a faithful recreation of Joe Satriani's iconic late 1980s/early 1990s six-string.

The first thing to catch your eye will surely be that finish, which Ibanez has entrusted just one artist to painstakingly recreate for the 100 pieces that will be available worldwide.

You'd be forgiven for thinking that Satriani's original guitar had been the victim of an assault by a magic marker-toting five year old. However, Ibanez describes the predominantly silver and purple graphics as "the drawings that Joe would apply to the original Black Dog body as the spirit moved him".

We're not entirely sure that isn't supposed to be 'spirits'. Or maybe the fumes from those marker pens had an influence.

Joking aside, Ibanez took photographs of the original Black Dog and used the shots to create a kind of 'graphic map' that a Japanese artist used to faithfully render Satriani's original drawings.

Like Joe's actual Black Dog, the recreation features the original pot locations and output jack style - different to the current Satriani signature model - as well as DiMarzio PAF Pro and Fred pickups and the original Ibanez Edge tremolo system.

The list price of the JS Black Dog Tribute is $7999, which includes exclusive case candy including an autographed copy of the Surfing With The Alien Legacy CD, a deluxe hardshell case, an exclusive Planet Waves Joe Satriani strap and Satriani Planet Waves signature picks.

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