How to use harmonics on acoustic guitar

ACOUSTIC EXPO 2014: Harmonics are a great way to embellish an acoustic guitar piece with chiming melodies. In this video lesson, natural, artificial and harp harmonics are used alongside one another.

The trickiest technique here sees the harmonic both picked and fingered using your pick hand fingers. The most common approach is to finger the harmonic with your index finger, and use your middle or ring finger to pick the string. Remember, you'll most likely be fretting notes with your fret hand too, so it's a tricky procedure to get the hang of. As ever, break the technique down into its basic elements: practise the harmonics first; then try each one with its musical phrase; finally, piece the track together, bit by bit.

Download the tab/notation for this how to use harmonics on acoustic guitar video lesson here

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Will McNicol, your tutor for this lesson, has gained Associate and Licentiate performance diplomas from Trinity College London, and in 2011 was awarded a Fellowship diploma from the College. Composing is a big part of Will's musical life and he has released four albums of original material. Will's playing has won him numerous awards, most notably being Guitarist Magazine's coveted UK Acoustic Guitarist Of The Year 2011.