Hottie Custom: toaster guitar amp now with flames

The all new Sparkling Finish
The all-new Sparkling Finish

The gentlemen at Hottie Amplifiers Inc. make guitar amps from toasters. They've been doing it for years, and barely stray from that well-trodden track. But, having just announced a new 'Sparkle Finish' for the Hottie Custom model, we'll take that excuse to revisit and run with it…

All Hottie amps are solid state units powered by a 9-volt battery. Inside you'll find a 6" Jensen MOD speaker and an output jack to connect to any 4, 8 or 16ohm speaker cabinet. The Custom model's flaming artwork now comes in a Sparkle Finish.

Considering you can take any old toaster of your choice to get 'amplified', the finish is a bit redundant. Especially if you're planning to do this with it…

Hottie amp

Hottie amp

You can watch a video demo by our friends at Guitar World here, or purchase one of your own from here. A Hottie amp will set you back $249 - $329.