Guthrie Govan signs up for Tronical

British guitar hero gives self tuning system the horns up
British guitar hero gives self-tuning system the horns up.

Guthrie Govan has announced his endorsement of the Tronical self-tuning system

The British guitar hero is the latest player to lend his name to the headstock-mounted tuning system, which can be retrofitted to a huge variety of electric and acoustic models without requiring any modificaiton of the guitar, and can store up to 18 different alternate tunings accessible at the touch of a button.

"I just installed this system on my acoustic, and can confirm that it really does work," says Govan. "As a fast and fool-proof way to switch accurately between various tunings, I haven't seen anything quite like it. I can envisage this technology coming in very handy both for gigging and recording, so it's definitely more than a mere gimmick... Nice work, Tronical!"

For more information visit the official Tronical website.