Guitar Rig Session is a complete recording solution

The Guitar Rig 3 XE software and the Session I/O interface.
The Guitar Rig 3 XE software and the Session I/O interface.

Guitar Rig Session is a brand new addition to Native Instruments´ product range - it´s a three-pronged recording solution that comes at a competitive price. The package comprises amp/effects modelling software, an audio interface and a DAW.

The modelling software goes by the name of Guitar Rig 3 XE. It features five tube amp models, 12 cabinet types and 21 stomp boxes/effects units. All of these elements can be mixed and matched in a virtual rack, and 150 preset tones come included. Other features include dual ‘tape-decks´, metronome, tuner and a Live view.

Audio interfacing is handled by the Session I/O, a USB 2.0 device that contains a pair of instrument preamps and is capable of 24-bit/192kHz operation. A mic input and a headphone output are also onboard.

Finally we turn to the supplied DAW - Cubase 4 LE. This can handle 64 tracks and is based on the full version of Cubase 4. As further bonus, NI is also throwing in a copy of Kore Player (though it should be noted that this can be downloaded for free (opens in new tab) anyway) and the Pop Drums acoustic drum library (this retails for $79/€69). With these tools, you´ll be able to start building backing tracks right from the off.

Although Guitar Rig Session doesn´t contain any new technology, its blend of features could make it a winner. Guitarists who want to get all the tools they need to start recording in one hit should definitely take a look.

Slated to ship in June 2008, Guitar Rig Session will cost $249/€229/£200. If you don´t need the audio interface or the copy of Cubase, you´ll also have the option of buying Guitar Rig 3 XE on its own for $119/€99/£80.

Find out more on the Native Instruments website (opens in new tab).


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