Go mobile with the Mighty Moe Strap Amp

Because gigs can happen anywhere
Because gigs can happen anywhere

If you're like us, you dream of playing your electric guitar while walking down the sidewalk, strolling through the bank, or hanging out in traffic court. And now that dream is a reality because of the Mighty Moe Amp Strap, the most portable amplifier in the world.

The Mighty Moe is a fully workable, battery-powered practice amp on a genuine 2 1/2-inch boot-leather strap. The amp features a three-inch speaker that is mounted in a tough plastic enclosure. And check this out: there's even clear and overdrive channels - the Mighty Moe can crank.

With just one nine-volt battery, you can walk and rock for nine hours. For quiet practicing, a 1/8-inch jack for your headset cancels Mighty Moe's speaker. Mobility and portability are what this product is really about. So now you can roam the streets and give the world a taste of you chops.

The Mighty Moe Strap Amp retails for $69.95US. Fore more information, visit the official Mighty Moe website.