Foo Fighters poke fun at Coldplay, Justin Bieber in new video, Walk

Ghrol stares down the business end of a plunger in Walk
Ghrol stares down the business end of a plunger in Walk

Dave Grohl is having a bad day - a very, very bad day - in the new music video for the Foo Fighters' song Walk, taken from their chart-topping album, Wasting Light.

Inspired by the 1993 Joel Schumacher film Falling Down, in which Michael Douglas portrayed an unemployed defense contractor lashing out at society, the video for Walk features Grohl starting out his morning in LA gridlock reading bumper stickers that say things like Bieber Is My Co-Pilot, Thank You President Bush, Coldplay and Hottie On Board. (Keep your eyes peeled for Foos drummer Taylor Hawkins, cozy in a car with a blonde California babe, the two blissfully unconcerned about traffic or anything else, for that matter.)

Things get progressively worse for Grohl as his iPhone dies, a clerk (Foos co-guitarist Pat Smear) at a convenience store refuses to give him change to make a call, he gets involved in a karate fight with some gangbangers (Hawkins and Foos lead guitarist Chris Shiflett), and he drives a golf cart into a lake. We won't tell you how it all ends...although the now-famous phrase "Don't tase me, bro!" seems entirely appropriate.

Darkly humorous, winningly played, it's another slam-dunk for the Foo Fighters.

Joe Bosso

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